AeroDent offers dry powder aerosol products for dental, medical, and sports related applications including DETEX, MAX-it, and Shur-HiT.
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DETEX Dry Powder Aerosol
High Spot Indicator


  • Accurately detects high spots and binding areas on crowns, bridges, etc.
  • It pays for itself in time saved, the first time you use it.

  DETEX dry powder aerosol for dental and medical related applications.  
YOU are in control with
DETEX when you are seating:

Crowns (porcelain jacket, fused to metal, and full metal)
Partial Framework
Checking Binding Areas
Checking Contacts
Checking a Final Occlusion
Handy for Lab Use

1) Hold crown or prosthesis in a gauze 4x4.
2) Hold nozzle 4" to 6" from crown or prosthesis. Spray desired areas.
3) Reseat, remove and examine for high spots.
4) Remove high spots with air rotor or hand piece.
5) To clean use alcohol on a gauze or cotton swab.

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